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February 11:The Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, composed mostly of Quakers and Mennonites, petitioned Congress for emancipation of all slaves. Benjamin Franklin had become vocal as an abolitionist and in 1787 began to serve as President of the Society. (1790)

February 11: Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 years in a South African prison following months of secret negotiations with South African President F.W. de Klerk. (1990)

February 12: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded by sixty Americans, both black and white, in a call to safeguard civil, legal, economic, human, and political rights of black Americans. (1909)

February 13: Carrying huge photos of Vietnamese children who had been victims of Napalm, 2,500 members of Women Strike for Peace stormed the Pentagon, demanding to see "the generals who send our sons to Vietnam." When Pentagon guards locked the main entrance doors, the women took off their shoes and banged on the doors with their heels. (1967)

February 16: The Kyoto Protocol went into effect after countries responsible for 55% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions had ratified the treaty, agreeing to reduce such gases to 12% below their levels in 1990 by 2012 and, thus, slow global warming.  (2005)

February 22: Sophie Scholl, a 22-year-old White Rose (Weisse Rose) activist at Munich University, was executed after being convicted of urging students to rise up and overthrow the Nazi government. (1943)


It starts with Compassion and ends with Love: Compassion, Dignity, Equinimity, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Humility, Integrity, Justice, Kindness and Love. Capped off with a golden bead symbolizing the Golden Rule: Treat Others as you wish to be treated yourself. Watch our video about the meaning of Compassion Beads and order from our ETSY Store.

NEW BOOK! My Search for the Beloved Community by David Atwood.

Handy Books About Peace


CompassionNETCompassionNET, the community initiative to have San Antonio recognized as a world-class compassionate city, now has its own Web site and blog.

Saturday, February 22: Celebration of the life and music of PETE SEEGER--at Inner City's Joint Effort Coffee House. 7:00 p.m. at Inner City--1300 Chihuahua St. Performers will include Rudi Harst, Bryce Milligan, and hosts Patti and Rod Radle.

Sunday, 23 February: Compassionate San Antonio has been invited to partner with Musical Bridges Around the World for Amal, a duo of pianists: Yaron Kohlberg is Israeli and Bishara Haroni is Palestinian. By playing together, with good communication and teamwork they set an example of how their two cultures can work together harmoniously. 3 PM at Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, Trinity University. Tickets are $25.

March 1st: We're partnering with Musical Bridges again for Indian Fusion which will feature a blend of Indian, Clarinetist and composer Kinan Azmeh from Syria will be joined by tablaist Sandeep Das, dancer Urmi Samadar , and the St. Petersburg String Quartet. 7:30 PM at Laurie Auditorium at Trinity University. Two hundred complimentary passes are available for Compassionate San Antonio: you can claim yours here.

Wednesday, 19 March, 2014
Creating a More Compassionate San Antonio: A Symposium
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM at the Whitley Center, Oblate School of Theology [MAP]
A day-long community conversation where we start collaborate on a nuts-and-bolts plan to have San Antonio recognized as  a world-class compassionate city. Four community leaders will act as thought catalysts and we'll all roll up our sleeves to figure out how to make San Antonio -- the Heart of Texas -- an even more compassionate place to live, work, serve, study & visit. More details will be coming soon.

Starting Wednesday, April 9: : LIVING THE COMPASSIONATE LIFE BOOK STUDY. Eight Wednesdays, April 9 through May 28 11am - 1 pm at the Rock House, Oblate School of Theology
Come join an eight-week study group on Living a Compassionate Life. Bring to consciousness and practice new ways of seeing and being that can become a dynamic positive force for change not only in ourselves but also in the world around us. We will be studying Karen Armstrong’s book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. Each session will begin with a different contemplative practice and end with a reflection on a paradox. Facilitators: Rosalyn F. Collier and Karen Ball. (Bring a sack lunch if you so desire!)  $55 for the series, or $10 per week.  To register: 210-341-1366X212 (Brenda), or

Other upcoming events

30 March - 3 April, 2014
Ubuntu-Practicing Compassion
The peaceCENTER/Compassionate San Antonio is a partner for  the annual contemplative retreat at Oblate Renewal Center in San Antonio, led by the Rev. Dr. Michael Battle. Michael has worked with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, been an Episcopal seminary professor, a chaplain to the House of Bishops. As a husband and a dad, a priest and a worker for peace and reconciliation, he brings depth and experience to the topic. Download the brochure. This retreat is attended by people from all over the country and is likely to sell out, so book early if you want to attend.

Focused on the vision of God's peace, the interfaith peaceCENTER supports the learning
of peace in our lives and the demonstration of peace within our community.
The peaceCENTER is a 501(c)((3)) non-profit organization.